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Keep Calm and Meditate!

19 November 2017 | Lifestyle

I am presenting a different article today. I gave it a lot of thought before making my mind up. I was scared that people might see me as  a madwoman. But whatever!

A few months ago, I started meditating. For people who know me, I think they won’t contradict me if I am saying that I am quite a dynamic and energetic person and anything related to religion is not my cup of tea (I won’t share my convictions here, don’t worry!) Therefore, Meditation is not really in line with my personality. I think some people will be very surprised by this news!

My interest in meditation started a just under a year ago. I read many articles and some books about it and more specifically about mindfulness. I tried a few times but without regularity. This past summer, after a difficult first part of the year, on both a personal and professional level, I decided to give it a real try and keep the momentum.

I gave myself the following challenge: meditating pretty much every single day of my summer holiday! The unexpected happened, I did it and I am still doing it now!!

The mindfulness is a conscious state during which the attention is focus on the present moment in a calm, lucid and objective way.

There is scientific evidence to suggest that meditation promotes physical and mental well-being and that it helps the healing process by enhancing the immune system and reducing the effects of stress-related damage. By the use of various techniques, meditation can also be used to empower different aspects of the mind with profound effects on our thinking and emotional processes, leading to personal growth and development. Meditation trains the mind to free itself from the flow of thoughts to concentrate longer and deeper on the present moment which allows for real personal development.

I am not going to lie, the benefit is not obvious over night, it requires some practice. Like anything else in life after all!  But it is really worth it! Focusing on your body and breath allow you to really be in the present moment. It is the best way to give you some beneficial “me” time.

I am honestly feeling more calm and serene and in line with me (it was needed!. Apparently, you can see it from outside as well as my personal and professional surroundings told me many times that I seem more relaxed. It helped me as well take a different approach with some personal matters. It is only the beginning and I really hope to continue that way.

I have  a time consuming job and I travel a lot. Therefore, I had to find the time to include meditation in my agenda. I tried at different times of the day but the best time for me is in the morning after my shower and after drinking a glass of water (sometimes hot water with lemon juice). In the evening, it is simple, I fall asleep (and it is not the aim) or I am too tired or I find a good reason not to do it!

I am use the following apps; Petit Bambou (in French) or Headspace (in English) which are really good.  Both introduce you smoothly to meditation and go step by step. You are starting with the basics. You have different voices to guide you.  You get used to the meditation techniques and “routine”.  The first sessions last around 10 minutes. At the beginning it is hard to stay “focused” and not thinking about a million things! Besides, the aim of meditation is not to stop the flow of thoughts. At the beginning, after a few minutes, I had the impression that it had  already been more than 10 minutes (a bit like when you are starting running and you are looking at your watch thinking that it must already be more than 15 minutes and you realize that it has only been 5 minutes!) and progressively it becomes easier and you are increasing the length of the sessions. Then you try without any guidance by choosing the “unguided” session.


I am now doing 20 minutes, three or four times per week and when I am in a hurry only 10 minutes (it is too short for me but better than nothing). On the weekend, I am extending the length. I was doing 30 minutes per session and now I am doing 40 minutes with a fullness feeling at the end! I swear it is true!


I subscribed quickly to the apps (£9,99 per month or £71,88 per year or £299,99 for a lifetime) and I don’t regret it!


I just bought a Zafu (a meditation cushion filled with Organic Buckwheat Hulls) and a little mat from Blue Banyan. It is way more comfy and helps to find the right posture to meditate longer. I really like the dark blue colour, so chic! Different colours are available. The set is not very expensive and the delivery is quick. I am a monk to be!

Meditation-journey header

I am not about to go to Katmandou for a week retreat! Just the word “retreat” is freaking me out. But I am wondering if I am going to attend an event for an afternoon or a weekend in order to learn techniques and improve my practice. I admit that the spiritual and religious sides of this kind of event are scaring me because it is not me. If you have any recommendations for something quite “normal”, let me know!


I hope you enjoyed to reading this article and it will encourage some people to start their own meditation journey too.


Please share your thoughts with me. Am I crazy? Are you meditating too? Have you already tried these kind of meditation events? I can’t wait to read your comments and you sharing your experiences with me!



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