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My good resolutions

30 December 2016 | Lifestyle

#1 New life!

Sometimes at some point in life, you can feel an urgent need of change for different reasons. For me, I had the impression to stagnate in my private life (not in my professional life but it is not the most important) and to suffocate. And even if I really love my loved ones, I needed to open my horizon.
I have decided to move to London. To be accurate, to go back! It is not the opposite of the world like that I can have an easy contact with my family and friends and they can come to visit me. I love the city, the energy there. The aim is to change my habits, going out of my comfort zone and meet new people (if you have any ideas about things to do, don’t hesitate to tell me!) and see what life as in store for me.

The best is yet to come…. I hope, fingers crossed!


#2 Back on track with sport…. regularly!

I am sure I am not the only one with this one, I know! But let’s be clear, I am already doing a bit of sport mais I don’t have the regularity unfortunately. I know it is in the head and just a question of willing! But it is easy to find a good bad excuse, the business trips, the laziness… the list can be long! I don’t have the plan yet but without becoming an athlete, the aim is to stick to a routine!


#3 The blog!

This blog, it took me quite a while to launch it but now it is done I will hope I will feed it and embark you with me in this moment of reading. This Time Off which allows to escape and get inspired!


#4 Travel always!

I will carry on to travel, to discover new cultures, new horizons, always be open and curious about our beautiful planet! And share everything with you!


#5 Quality time with my nephew!

My brother had a little boy, Maxence, in October. My need of change is not coming with the right timing (it was initiated way before!) therefore I will have to include this little man in my life if I don’t want to miss the first moments of his life! And see my brother evolving as a dad! Everything is a question of organization at the end, right?!
I forgot to say that obviously he is the most beautiful baby in the world!


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