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You may love it #1

01 May 2017 | Lifestyle

“You may love it” will be a recurring section where I will present you the things I like or the recent things I discovered, etc…. The subjects may be quite different from one another and presented by three!

Here is the first one!

#1 Destination

“The travel books of the Destination collection are an invitation to travel. The selection of pictures and places may inspire you into inventing your own travel… Let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere, open your eyes wide and stay curious!”

It is what it is written at the back of the book and I couldn’t described them better. These little travel books are really an invitation to travel and give you a poetic wanderlust. Even if your are not planning to visit these destinations, you can read them as the pictures are really amazing. I really like the style. The guides are made by Studio Caroline Gomez.



Destinations Open

#2 Do you know Borgen?

It is a Danish series that I just finished watching. 3 seasons, 30 episodes, 58 minutes each. The topic, the fate and the daily life of a woman who has accessed to the power by becoming thefirst Prime Minister of Denmark.

Although it is a fiction, this series is really well made et we get the accurate intimate portrait of a Government leader. It sets out the mechanism of Danish democracy and address many important questions among politic plots.

The main character, Birgitte Nyborg, is an honest centrist politician, mother of two children.  The tricky question of how to balance professional and private lifes is tackled like the politic ethic, what are you ready to sacrifice to get, exercice and keep the power.

It takes place in Copenhagen and because I love everything about Denmark and Copenhagen in particular (here is my article about this city here), it was just perfect for me!

The actors are brillant and the serie is not running out because his creator, Adam Price, has decided to do only 3 seasons, and no more!

I strongly recommand it!!

borgen logo


#3 Do you know Sézane?

Do you know this French brand Sézane. We can say that I have a kind of a love story with this brand. I might write an article about it later on, a lot to say!

I bought this handbag last week while I was in Paris. I really like the shape, the black color and the golden chain which makes it quite elegant even if the style is quite simple. This is exactly the DNA of the brand: the Parisian style, effortless and simple.

Normally, you can only buy online, but most of the pieces like shoes, handbags and a lifestyle collection are available at L’Appartement or at La Librairie. Moreover, you can have your Sezane handbag engraved for free at La Librairie (like I did!) -:)!

Sezane ER


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