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You may love it #2

29 May 2017 | Lifestyle

#1 The New Paris

I discovered “The New Paris” book recently. I am following on Instagram the American Lindsay Tramuta (@lostncheeseland) who felt in love with a Frenchman and moved to Paris to follow him. She wrote a book about her Paris and I have to admit that her Paris looks like mine too. You will find many nice addresses of trendy restaurants, the best places to do some shopping, and the portraits of very inspiring people who are making the today trendy Paris. I strongly advise you this book. You will find very nice pictures too. She has a very nice website about Paris and her travels.


#2 Do you know Cooper & Gorfer?

As you might have seen (for the people who are following me on Instagram, if it is not the case yet, I encourage you to do it! The same name as my blog, easy!), I have been to Stockholm recently. I am lucky to know the city quite well because one of my good friend, Camille, is living there. Yes ! She married a Swedish guy so I am trying to go to see her once a year or more if I can. But this time, it was for work, anyway, I went to the Fotografiska museum. It is now a kind of tradition to go each time I am in Stockholm. I love this museum, it is one of my favorite museum in the world! This time I have seen two exhibitions. The first one was for the Master of Fashion black and white portraits, Patrick Demarchelier. The second one was for Cooper & Gorfer. A total discovery, their work is just fascinating and articulates the unconscious aspect of a moment or person.

Go and check out their work (the link for the website is here)!




#3 In love with Jimmy!

I just bought a new pair of sunglasses from Jimmy Fairly brand. I just LOVE them! They are making trendy glasses and sunglasses. Their motto is “we make cool glasses for cool people”. The design is really nice and everybody can find something they like from the very trendy to a more simple one but with this special touch which makes the difference. 

For each glasses bought they give one to somebody who needs one thanks to their partnerships with some charities. It is “Bye One. Give one”. So go for it!



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