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You may love it #3

16 July 2017 | Lifestyle

#1 The Wildlife Photographer of the Year

It is been few years now that I am going to see the “Wildlife Photographer of the year” at the Natural History Museum in London, every year. It is a tradition for me!

I love this exhibition which is putting the light on non professional or professional photographers by organizing each year a competition around different themes about Nature. Everybody can apply and submit their jobs. The winners and finalists are exhibited. The competition is opened to very young photographers as well. There are different categories: one for the less than 10 years old, one for 10-14 years old, one for 15-17 years old and one for adults. Believe me all the photos are stunning including the ones from the young photographers, I wish I could do the same! 

The staging is really beautiful and the photos are really enhanced.

There is one exhibition every year. If you are in London, go, it is really worth it! At the same time, you can visit the museum, just the building itself is stunning! One of the most beautiful building in London! The current exhibition is running until September 10th. 

You can find all the information on the website here.


#2 Merci Maman

What a lovely name for a jewellery brand.

It is typically the success story you are dreaming of! Béatrice de Montille launched her brand in 2007 in London by creating hand-engraved personalised jewellery. The sales have exploded and the company has taken on an international dimension after that Kate Middleton has been spotted with a necklace engraved with the name of her son, prince George.

I have already ordered many times for different occasions, for my goddaugther, my friends, my sister in law, my brother and myself. I  have never been disappointed. The quality of the products is really good. I have quite often compliments about my necklace with the motto “The best is yet to come”. It was a gift from me to me to celebrate my decision to move to London. I hope it will bring me luck!

The delivery is really quick (I have tested the delivery to London and Paris and apparently they are delivering in many different countries now) and the packaging is great. You will receive your jewellery in a lovely orange box.

The customer service is quick to respond, efficient and very nice!

In a word I am a fan!

Now you just have to let you express your creativity and treat your loved ones and yourself! There are products for everybody, woman, man, children!!

To order it is here!




#3 Follow me to

It is  impossible to miss this phenomenon which has invaded Instagram and the Travel sphere. The concept and hashtag #followmeto have been created by Murad Osmann. He has started taking pictures of his girlfriend few years ago (now his wife). She was turning her back to him and holding his hand. What was a way to include his shy girlfriend (that is why she was turning her back) in his passion for photgraphy when they were travelling, in order for her not to be too bored when he was taking pictures (and for people into travel photography we know how we can be long sometimes to find the right angle!), became a worldwide trend and thousands of people replicate the concept in their own pictures, the television and publicists too!

The photos evolved a lot since the begnning. They are now more sophisticated. Natalie Osmann wears local outfits. The photos are stunning. Really. I can just love the concept as it is combining photography, travel and fashion. You are travelling instantly and you just want to go everywhere! I encourage you to discover their work on Instagram (@muradosmann/ @followmeto). They are making some videos now too.  They have a website and they released a book! I think that Nataly is way less shy now on the pictures as she became an influencer on Instagram/ model and she is working with different brands (@natalyosmann).






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